The Clean Sin Cave

image“Sin cave cleanliness is next to Lonnieness”- the book of Mons Venus 14:28-King Lonald Holy Bible

Women who keep their sin cave free of Satanic Muskinesss will receive eternal salvation from Saint Lonnie.
ScLience, along with their partner, Big Masturbation; have spent millions of dollars brainwashing women to not give themselves sin cave colonics, and rid themselves of “good bacteria”, and “natural scent”. There is no such thing as “good bacteria”, that is an oxymoron for Lonnie sakes. No one wants to smell like four-day old rotting Mackerel. No one.

There’s nothing worse than being at the B.L.U.F.F. hot yoga class and smelling Mackerel during downward facing dog. I guarantee you secular women will be avoided like a leper at your gymnasium during squat day.

Here at B.L.U.F.F., all women are free from masturbatory compulsions because their sin caves are dry and squeaky clean with a new car smell. Their lack of muskiness keeps their SRAS’s sin scepter in a holy Lonnie flaccid state, the way god intended.


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Cassidy Pen
6 years ago

For more: consult literature in every BLUFF menstrual hut, or Premium BLUFF Members can find the link on the Glory Home Page, underneath (naturally) the “Topics for the Female SRAS” link.

6 years ago

A clean Sin Cave also promotes fresh breath, its not cool when your mouth and beard smell like a asian market.