Can a Trump Tebow Presidential Ticket Deliver a 50 State Landslide

(StopMasturbationNOW)—President Trump is headed to a easy victory this coming November, however he has one last task to make sure that victory is absolute and turned into a mandate from the people. That one thing to do is to pick a running mate. A running mate is probably one of the most important decisions a candidate can make. And even though President trump has it so locked up that even Obama is deferring to Trump before making decisions he still needs to make a wise choice.

This article started as a list of potential running mates but only one perfect one kept popping up and that is Tim Tebow. Our math shows that Tebow would deliver the first ever unanimous electrical college vote 538 to 0. That is a 50 state sweep.


Some of the things going for Tim Tebow:

  • Beloved by all
  • Non-Masturbator
  • Greatest American Athlete of all Time
  • Non-threatening Normal Skin Tone.
  • Christian
  • Proper Gendered Heterosexual

Imagine how great America would be with Trump and Tebow both leading us to a righteous victory. Imagine Putin and the other Axis of evil leaders shrinking in their boots the way they did when W was president. Imagine a better America.

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5 years ago

I think that timmy TBONE and Donald T. RUMP would make for fine additions to the circle jerk that I’ve been trying to put together. Those 2 along with the boys from stop masturbatuon now Lonnie, jasper, dexter and let’s not forget the sexiest rump ranger of them all Liam will make for an epic circle jerk. We’ll gently stroke each other’s sin sticks, so that we can avoid the sin of self rape, then build to a massive crescendo of semen spray that will rival the geysers ay Yosemite! Then truffle and cathy REDMOUND can clean us up and… Read more »

5 years ago

Oops i made a typo “at Yosemite”