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Real Men Don’t Masturbate

There have been many outrageous changes in the roles of the sexes over the past 60 years. Militant feminism, internet pornographics and dangerous minorities have forever corrupted the core family values of our great nation. As a result, the expectation of men and the standard we are held to has morphed a little. But one thing is for sure: There is certain trait that defines masculinity that most decent men and women of normal skin color would still agree upon – A Real Man Does Not Masturbate!

Please enjoy this fun cover of a filthy Japanasian Hip Hops video, re-written, to teach the kids of normal ethnicity about dangers of masturbation.

This message of hope was brought to you by the Homogay Conversion Offices Of Nikita Shalavin

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Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly
6 years ago

Nikita has the stones to say what must be said! Bless you my brother. You do our highly magical father proud!

6 years ago

OH MY LONNIE! The music video had me DISCO dancing in the aisles of the cat milking facilities, here at the BLUFF compound. If Brother Doug is available, I will be requiring a moisture check STAT!

Triple praising and FaithGasaming™ !

dexter battygarten iii

We already had God on our side , now we have swagger too!!!

Cathy Redmond
6 years ago

I, for one, welcome Nikita Shalavin’s new popular music career. The faithful needed an anti-self-rape alternative to Carman Licciardello and by Lonnie, they now have him.


Eat butt
Eat butt
6 years ago

I’m a christian, but dang. You guys are the most racist and bigoted people. Shame on you.