Press Release

Lonnie Childs to Forgive Muslims for 9/11

(StopMasturbationNow)—In his annual 9/11 remembrance speech; SMN Industries founder and leader Lonnie Childs announced the need for forgiveness and reconciliation with the religion responsible for the terrible acts on 9/11.

Our Faith is based on the tenants of acceptance and forgiveness, we must reach out to these wild peoples and offer to forgive them.

remember-9-11-quotes-3Lonnie will forgive any Muslims who:

  •                 Are ready to ask for forgiveness.
  •                 Sign a statement saying they renounce their faith.
  •                 Acknowledge the wisdom and teachings of Lonnie
  •                 Pay a $50 Processing fee.


Dr Child hopes that all Muslims take him up on his offer.

                This could be quite an opportunity for all of us.

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