Does Tim Tebow Make the Philadelphia Eagles Overwhelming Favorites to Win the Super Bowl?

(StopMasturbationNOW)—On Monday the greatest player in the history of football took the field once again. Tim Tebow worked out for the Philadelphia Eagles to showcase his abilities. The last team to workout Tebow, the Patriots, won the Super Bowl just last month.

Tebow, who entered the NFL after a memorable college career that included two national championships at Florida, has a higher postseason win percentage than Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, and Tony Romo combined.

According to NBC sports. The only delay is in making roster room.

Most experts agree that Tebow would make the Eagles instant favorites. The proven formula to win the Super Bowl is a white quarterback, A white Coach, and then a bunch of other lesser important players. This formula has resulted in over a 80% success rate.

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Limprocket McGee
Limprocket McGee
6 years ago

He doesn’t make want to masturbate. He’ll never make it big.