Profiting off of Free Speech 101: The Atlanta Hawks

(StopMasturbationNow)—Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson announced this past weekend that he has put the team up for sale. This will be the third NBA team to be sold in 2014. Bruce Levinson is a fairly young man and has no need for money, why would he want to sell the team? One word: Profit.

A timeline of events of the Atlanta Hawks Sale.

Feb 13 Forbes announces its valuation of NBA franchises. The LA Clippers are valued at $575M and the Atlanta Hawks are valued at $425M.

April 25 Tapes are released that have LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling making comments about black people.

April 29 Sterling receives lifetime ban and is forced to put the Clippers up for sale.

May 29, 7:55PM Steve Balmer buys the Clippers for 2 Billion Dollars. Almost 350% above valuation.

May 29, 7:56PM Almost all NBA owners search for something they can release so they can get the same deal Sterling got.

Sept 7 A smiling Bruce Levenson proudly admits he found a “Donald Sterling” in his email sent items. He releases it for everyone and shouts “Show Me the Money”. As he is walking off stage, a band plays “We’re in the money…”


Stephen A Smith immediately got mad and blamed all white people for everything:


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