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SMN World Cup Preview Group A

719px-WC-2014-Brasil_svg(Stop Masturbation NOW Sports)–Soccer was invented when all real sports were so dominated by Americans that all other countries needed to find something to be good at. So they put all of their combined resources together to invent a sport so boring that Americans would rather just not take part in. Soccer was that sport.

Over the next month the rest of the world will forget how bad off they are and tune in to 13” tubed televisions or radios and follow the world cup of soccer.

Over the next few days we will be previewing the soccer groups and letting you know the inside scoop.

Today we will examine Group A

Group A Consists of Mexico, Brazil, Cameroon, and Croatia


Mexico’s team is filled to the brim with Mexicans. While not very fast they can be known to kick hard. We don’t expect them to do much though as all the most athletic Mexicans make it to the US. Don’t expect them to make it out of the first round.

Cameroon is an interesting country when it comes to soccer. Because of the cannibalistic history only the faster genetic material survived. So these guys can run. Many defenses also get confused by the clicking noises they use to communicate with each other. Expect Cameroon to get past the first round.

Brazil is a territory in Sothern Mexico, it also happens to be the host country. Because of widespread corruption Brazil will easily make it passed the first round. We will cover them more in future rounds.

CROATIA (Serbia-Hertnogophia-Etc)
Croatia is at least white. However they aren’t Anglo-Saxxon white they are Slavic white which really isn’t very good. Most Croats will be too offended by other cultures to focus on the games. Also they don’t know how to tie shoes. They will not be seen in the second round.

Tomorrow we will be exploring groups B &C

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7 years ago

wow whoever made this website has way to much time on his hands and hate in his heart

7 years ago

Why would you despite and insult a sport that bring joy to million people just because you’re not into it ? America sucks (and doesnt care) about football (yes, it’s call football because you play it with FEET not like your football), FINE ! Get over it. You don’t like it ? Don’t watch it. Oh my god you really just are haters. Hating things and people for no reason doesnt seem very religious to me, so I think you dont like god so much after all..

7 years ago


Sandy Eggo
Sandy Eggo
7 years ago

I would like to ram rod fuck your gaping asshole with a soccer ball.