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SMN World Cup Preview Group B

(Stop Masturbation NOW Sports)–Yesterday we previewed world cup Soccer group A . Today we are going to preview group B.


Australia is a bunch of criminal island Mexicans. They can’t get mammals right much less sport. Expect australilians to be distracted by indoor plumbing and lights. They wont be getting out of the first round.

The Mexican state of Chile borders the Mexican state of Brazil. Expect the Chileans to feel right at home. High altitude training will benefit these players especially in a long game. They will make it to the next round.

900 years ago a very smart German was fell down and hit his head. Unfortunately after that he was never quite right. He decided to move his tulip farm below sea level and smoke pot. His offspring became todays Netherland. Unfortunately where Germans stayed powerful in soccer the drugs and week keps the Dutch from learning how to play. They will lose out this round.

Spain is a heavy favorite here. Pretty much the country that invented failure happens to be pretty good and Soccer. We will be covering Spain more in later rounds.

Up next: SMN World Cup Preview Group C

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Nikita Shalavin
7 years ago

Thank you senator. I will not be watching the soccer cup series, as this is a lot more entertaining and educational.