Worrying Rise Of ‘Masturbator On Masturbator’ Violent Crime

A new study from the Foundation For A Better Tomorrow reveals a startling increase of what experts are referring to as “masturbator on masturbator violent crime” or “MOMVC”. A MOMVC is a violent act committed by and/or against a known or alleged masturbator. In many cases, such as the one discussed in this article, someone is savagely beaten or sometimes killed in an act of masturbator’s rage. While the average normal non-masturbator has nothing to worry about yet, faith researchers are hoping that this trend doesn’t spill over into a rash of “masturbator on non-masturbator” crimes.

A quick glance at celebrity gossip sites over the weekend told the tale of a mixed martial arts fighter known as “War Machine” beating his pornography actress girlfriend “Christy Mack” for undisclosed reasons. Normally those of us of high moral standards would have no interest in a deviant beating another deviant over some slight; for transgressions are expected when considering both sources. However, looking deeper into this incident, one can see the basis for the Foundation For A Better Tomorrow’s recent findings.

War Machine

War Machine. Not to be confused with the U.S. War Machine that keeps us safe here in America.

“Mr. Machine has a long history of incidents that show textbook examples of masturbation sickness that has led to bursts of masturbation rage,” said Faith Researcher David Andrews. “The most recent incident with Ms. Mack is no surprise. Mr. Machine is a powder keg waiting to blow due to his constantly being in a situation that enables his masturbation illness and has allowed it to progress unfettered. Of course, aligning himself in a relationship where he has, allegedly, non-procreational sexual relations with Ms. Mack, a confirmed masturbator and one who consorts sexually with men of dubious purity, well, this was sadly a disaster just waiting to happen.”

Fr. Andrews continued, “Mr. Machine himself said that he was attempting to finally do the moral thing and ask Ms. Mack to marry him, however in his own words he claimed he ‘couldn’t believe what I found’ when he arrived unannounced. It is only speculation as Mr. Machine’s statements are vague and Ms. Mack is unable to speak at the moment, but one possibility is that Mr. Machine walked in on Ms. Mack masturbating for profit after making a pact for both them to cease the dirty deed for health reasons. Mr. Machine, suffering from blinding masturbation rage, then took out his frustrations on Ms. Mack and the individual who was filming the sin for profit. Of course that is only one scenario in this developing saga.”

Christy Mack

Christy Mack – Professional Masturbator

While the Mr. Machine / Ms. Mack incident detailed by Fr. Andrews is high-profile enough to make the gossip sheets, dozens if not hundreds of incidents of MOMVC “happen every day” according to the Foundation’s findings. We can only hope that through prayer and support of Lonnie Childs and his vision that this type of crime stays contained within the masturbator community and does not spread to affect the great moral normals in America.

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7 years ago

Yes “experts” say…

Masturbating_is_Fun_and_Self loving!
Masturbating_is_Fun_and_Self loving!
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