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Is Disaster more Terrible when Attractive Caucasians are Involved?

(StopMasturbationNOW)— Yesterday an airplane tragically crashed in France . The news has been very sad. However photos of the victims seems to focus on the more attractive normal skinned passengers that perished in the tragedy.

This raises the question, does society value some people more than others. It seems there is tragedy every day, whether it be a civil war in Uganda or a earthquake in Pakistan, however a kidnapped Blonde Blue Eyed 13 year old girl in Utah and we are talking 24/7 front page news! Why is this? Why do people care so much about normal skinned people?
Thanks to a $50,000 grant from the Foundation for a Better Tomorrow we showed 1000 random people across all races news headlines and asked them to select which one interested them more. The results were astonishing.

Clearly people cared far more about the Caucasians than any other race. Why was this? We then asked only the minorities the following question.


We think the results here speak for themselves. Clearly we have a responsibility.

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Cassidy Pen
5 years ago

For posterity’s sake, Japasians and Chinasians fall into the category of “Orientals.” Mexispanics and Puerto Mexicans fall under the category of “Mexicans.”

5 years ago

wake up!!

A Smart Guy
A Smart Guy
5 years ago

1. Racist
2. Not true
3. Some of those aren’t even races!
4. White people aren’t “normal” they’re actually abnormal. Mutants. Normal humans have pigment, Caucasians don’t, they have a lack of pigment from living up north.

5 years ago
Reply to  A Smart Guy

Utter rubbish.

A Smart Guy
A Smart Guy
5 years ago
Reply to  Truffle

Just like your article, oh and the normal human pigment color?
Black people are not mutants, they are completely normal humans.

Nigel Covington
5 years ago

Dear A Smart Guy,

I’m curious to pursue more research on this can you provide your sources for the claims you’ve made here?

Thank you

5 years ago

What the absolute heck??? God doesn’t look at skin color and ethnicity. That proves who you people are. Read the damned bible!!

Hank Foxx
Hank Foxx
5 years ago
Reply to  lalonda

What does the Bible have to do with anything? You must be one of them mastur-librals.