What Liberals Actually Believe Will Astonish You

(StopMaturbationNOW)—Liberals pretend to hold the moral high ground when it comes to facts. They point at evolution, the earth not being flat, and even climate change and laugh at conservatives. However it turns out that liberals themselves are the ones that have the fairy tale beliefs. The foundation for a better tomorrow conducted a survey of 5000 people who met three criteria, they self-identify as liberal, a democrat, and voted for Obama last election.


Which company is the more socially-conscious one to purchase from?  Apple or Microsoft

Truth: Apple employees have donated more than 100Million dollars to charity the past 30 years. That is a ton of money, literally. That is great. You know how many people that helped? Im not sure, but I bet a bunch. Also all those ads they run, that has to help things? But to donate a 100Million in only 30 year is impressive. We have to salute Apple and all the great employees for their donations. This counts their CEO’s donations too. Microsoft employees donated 105 Million in 2012. That does not include hundreds of millions worth of free software for kids and educators over the years.


Marijuana-cures-cancerPot Cures Cancer

Truth: No evidence has been presented anywhere by anyone that says pot cures cancer. Actually most scientists agree that smoking anything, or any smoke inhalation from any source, will increase your likelihood of cancer. There are studies that suggest pot may relieve the discomfort from some of the symptoms of certain cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

Is masturbation is good for you?

Truth: Some studies have shown that ejaculation at certain ages can reduce a risk of testicular cancer. However regular sex can produce the same ejaculation. However there are also studies that show it causes cancer. Other studies also show it causes a drop in both serotonin and testosterone and can lead to a desensitation effect which results in impotence.


Cars could be powered by water but the oil companies won’t let it happen.

Truth: Where we can’t prove one way or another that this is true or not, with high oil prices don’t you think anyone that could bring this technology to market would?  For example, all car manufacturers are racing to make battery, hybrid, fuel cell cars. Don’t you think that a water powered vehicle would bring in a fortune as well as a huge market share?

Is it okay to get a tattoo while you have kids on food stamps?

Truth: This one is slightly unfair as it is an opinion question and not any empirical fact. However on this one we feel the majority is correct. It is not morally okay to get a tattoo while you have kids on food stamps. Money should go to the kids, not the ink. Still 48% of liberals think its fine to do.


Buying local food is better for carbon emissions and the environment.

Truth: Items coming from corporations and shipped a long way are done very efficiently, boats, trains, and even large trucks are very fuel efficient for amount of fuel consumed per pound mile. A local farmer taking his pickup truck can move ¼ ton of produce 10 miles with a gallon of gas. A gallon of gas gets a ¼ ton of produce 346miles. Honestly buy local only if you hate the environment.


All food should be organic.


Truth: Organic food yields between 5 and 25 percent less product per acre. So considering that people on this planet are dying of hunger, a switch to organic food provides less food for people to have. Either that or we can cut down more trees to make more organic farms. Also it costs more to produce, but that’s okay since the hungry people would gladly pay more for… wait, do liberals hate the hungry?


FB_IMG_1433468217571A cure for cancer exists but drug companies make more money treating it than curing it so they won’t release it.


Truth: Again not a question that can be proved for or against. However, do you think that someone out there found a cure and they don’t want to be the most famous person to ever live? They don’t want to be the next Salk or Fleming? That they don’t want to win the Nobel Prize? That they don’t want schools named after them? Also little secret, drug companies spend more money on cancer research than they make, they don’t make a lot. However a cure, now that would make a bunch.

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Cathy Redmond
5 years ago

Liberals disgust me. Praise.

Alisha Violet White
Alisha Violet White
5 years ago

The Liberals that believe everything on this list, aside from the one about tattoos, aren’t too intelligent. Not all believe these things, and not all will stand by these things. Whoever posted this is a fuckin’ twat.

Loxfin Kjarr
5 years ago

Thats nothing… you should see what religious people believe in…

5 years ago

Butthead, this sucks. There’s no boobs or panties, just a bunch of lines. I’m changing the channel.