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WWE Releases Shameful Masturbation Fodder Video On YouTube

WWE Releases Shameful Masturbation Fodder Video On YouTube

World Wrestling Entertainment sunk to a new low this weekend when they released a three-minute, forty seconds long video titled “Royal Rumble Match: WWE Royal Rumble 2014”. While on the surface it may appear that this is just the sports entertainment contest named in the title, unfortunately, it is nothing […]

by February 21, 2015 3 comments Sports
TheRev bathing the masturbaters in his Golden Shower of Truth

TheRev Leroy Jenkins live at UCLA Campus

I love taking the Stop Masturbation Now message to the Liberal Bastions of the HomoGay Big Masturbation Institutions of Higher Learning and the Self-Raping Liberal youths enrolled there. Today was an especially good day as I beat down the HomoGay Self-Rapist Matt Walker with the good word and bathed him […]

by July 25, 2014 13 comments Spot a Masturbator
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