Is it Time to Thank Lonnie for Lower Gasoline Prices?

(StopMasturbationNow)—About a year ago, our illustrious leader Lonnie had to fill his truck up at the gasoline pump after handing out pamphlets outside a local high school volleyball game.  His the total was over one hundred dollars for the first time in his life. Now Lonnie isn’t about to go waste money on a modern aluminum electric car, he likes his 73’ dodge. It gets 13 miles to the gallon and that’s what it got when he bought it. The problem wasn’t with Lonnie’s truck, it was with the cost of gasoline.

That’s when it hit Lonnie, create an initiative where we pray for twenty dollar barrels of oil. So he publicly launched #prayfor20. A bold initiative which would bring lower gasoline prices to Americans. Lonnie was mocked, people said it was “foolish to pray over oil prices”, or to “get rid of that heavy truck”. Well look who is laughing now one year later.

CaptureAs you can see in the chart, oil prices have fallen rapidly. And while some naysayers say this is temporary look at what the experts are saying:
Capture4 Capture3 Capture2


Next time you go to the pump and you pay less than you did before, remember to thank Lonnie Childs.

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      • So what you are saying is that a relatively small proportion of Africa’s total population starves because of Truffle? Frankly, I think you ought to be a little more appreciative…

        • The reat number is closer into the hundreds of thousands of more. And that attitude is more responsible, not Truffle.

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