EbolAIDS Outbreak Begins

Airborne Mutations Likely

MRFP at 100X magnifications

The Gulf Region USA- Somewhere in Africa or maybe Asia- (SMNNN)

Officials at B.L.U.F.F. microorganism/viral weaponry division, and the at least one capable person at The Foundation For A Better Tomorrow, have declared the the dreaded homogay-induced virus Bad AIDS has mutated, and become the gay upon the proven masturbatory Ebola virus, producing the super hybrid EbolAIDS, the first confirmed disease to be gay, masturbatory, and fatal, which could become airborne, and ultimately kill every human on Earth or even worse.

The Bad AIDS shown at 3X maginfication
The Bad AIDS shown at 3X magnification

Bad AIDS, long known to be created by GOD to breed out the homogays, has made a resurgence in these recent times of ridiculous levels of masturbation. Masturbation was discovered to be a lead cause of gay, as it is self-gay.

Says Branch Lonvidian Prophet and Grand Exalted Deacon of Anti-masturbation Tom ” His Holiness” Downey, a fine, virile specimen of male perfection: ” You are a man, and you enjoy rubbing a male penis until it ejaculates. If that’s not homogay I don’t know what is! ”

Ebola at 1,550,000X magnification
Ebola at 1,550,000X magnification

Research conducted with Sister Doctor Catherine Ruffle and Triple Doctor James Lamb, at the U.K./U.S.A. B.L.U.F.F Auxiliary station show samples flown at needlessly high expense from Ebola hot spots of the U.S.A and Darkest Africa, or some part of that general area, where Ebola also runs rampant, confirm all of these things and more, in a very, very difficult to understand 1266 page, mostly hand-written report. ” It might go airborne, if them wankers start shaming themselves in public, which they certainly will. We’ll be on the roof. Good day. ” Said 3XDr Lamb.

I quote myself in predicting this would happen: ” This is going to happen.” I said.

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  1. I’m sure Obama or some other liberal from one of those Communist leftist nations prevented the Strike Team that was sent from eradicating the threat when it was still contained in Africa. Someone would whine or complain about how shooting several thousand people in the head and burning the bodies was “inhumane” or some other nonsense, dooming the entire population to ruin.

    Once again, Brother Lonnie is left with the fate of the entire human race in his hands.


      • Lmao, you do know that ebolAIDS isn’t an actual disease in and of itself. Ebola is a virus, an epidemic in Africa, AIDS also very common in Africa but does happen everywhere in the world, they are separate diseases I guess you can say that someone who has contracted both, is a victim of ebolAIDS.

        • Typical demented masturbatory fantasies. If you are of normal race, you are shaming us all, if something other, I am not the least bit surprised.

          • In the time it took you to type that response I masterbated 15 times, solved a crime, cured cancer and smoked 9 pipes… And now I’m going to your favorite resteraunt to spread my semen all over the food. And please do reply again or I’ll pluck your eyes out!

  2. I used to self rape everyday several times but it always felt wrong I thought to myself isn’t this homogay ( yes I’m the one that coined this term) I couldn’t get the bad gay noise out of my head so I bought the stop masturbating cross to save me from my eternal damnation it stopped my homogay lifestyle and stopped the cycle of self rape drug use and the potential for me to burn in the depths of triple hell with the other commie nazi scum that inhabit this holy planet …… That being said I just woke up 2 mins ago from a deep slumber realized that every idea expressed on this site was a horrible retarded brainwashing nightmare and fully intend to go choke my cack with the fury and anger of 1000 demons ……you people have got to be joking right

  3. The picture of the “ebolaids” is actually A Tardigrades also know as a water bear….
    Get your facts straight!!!!
    It has nothing to do with Ebola or aids!
    Google it!

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