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A World Gone Mad: Indian Women Advocate Masturbation

A horrifying glimpse into the unrestrained masturbation practices of the average lesser gendered member of Indian society was unceremoniously leaked onto the internet a few days ago. The video, an abomination even with its short 2 minute and 39 second run time, features several young, Indian lesser gendereds admitting to masturbation on camera and sharing their filthy masturbation stories with the world.

The girls, far too young to even be allowed out on the streets alone, give terrifying answers that are filled with falsehoods and lies that have been implanted into their heads by Big Masturbation. One girl erroneously refers to masturbation as a “basic human need”. That false claim spits in the face of years of academic work by faith scientists that have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are no benefits of any type achieved by self-rape. At least one girl admitted she was “scared” the first time she defiled herself so at the very least some families in this war-torn and Lonnie-forsaken nation have some semblance of decency.

According to the site Daily Dot, the video was filmed by something called Nisheeth TV who in turn said about the girls, “They are afraid, feel shy, and consider it a taboo, talking about self-pleasure.”. Nisheeth TV has since been added to Brother Lonnie’s list of likely Big Masturbation controlled media outlets that are trying to normalize masturbation.

The alarming and troublesome video can be viewed on internet site “You Tube” and has been linked below. DO NOT WATCH THIS  VIDEO WITHOUT EXPRESSED PERMISSION FROM BROTHER LONNIE CHILDS. IT IS NOT NSFHL! (Not Safe For Holy Living).

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6 years ago

Indian women belong in Teepees.

6 years ago
Reply to  augustweisz

They should also have a peepee teepee!

Howard Demarco
Howard Demarco
6 years ago

Will someone please explain WHY the British let these people have modern medicine, electricity, internal combustion engines,and printing presses?