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SMN Compound Canned Food Drive This Week

(StopMasturbationNOW)—The Safford Arizona SMN compound will be holding its annual canned food drive this week. It starts Monday April 6 and will wrap up Friday April 10. Canned food will be accepted in the school entrance lobby, the armory, and in the bin by the main gates. Last year over 1500Lbs of canned food was donated by our fellowship members toward this can collection effort.

All canned food items will go to the Lonnie’s Youth Firearm Training Program. This program teaches kids 7 to 12 to be comfortable and proficient with firearms. Kids use the canned food for target practice. Full cans tend to not blow in the wind and give them a fun and reactive target to use for practice.

“I love shooting at peaches, those are my favorite. I like the way they explode and drip”
Michael Saunders 3rd grade.


Any cans large or small can be donated. Thank you and Praise Lonnie.kidswithguns

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Nigel Covington
6 years ago

This year my straight wife & I donated 50 items of canned food to this exceptional cause. Wonderful work you good folks are doing at your Stafford compound.

Alex The Great
6 years ago

Vaccines are bad yet you are training children to use firearms??? Are you guys for real??? Logic(!)

Milton Grits
6 years ago
Reply to  Alex The Great

Firearms are OUR vaccine against LIEberals and sinners in general. Praying at you now.

Alex The Great
6 years ago
Reply to  Milton Grits

Please don’t pray at me. It makes me uncomfortable. Plus… Wow really! I totally agree! (sarcasm). But really CHILDREN USING GUNS. I don’t see ANY ISSUES AT ALL!

Bubba Whitehall
Bubba Whitehall
6 years ago

Heck, I’ll take the panel truck down to the superstore tonight and get you a bunch of pallets of cans. I love making those stock boys tote, a few clips from our AR16s gets them loading real fast. We may not have time to get real picky, as one of them bozos usually trips the alarm to bring the cops. Praise!

Kenneth Day
6 years ago

Shooting cans of peaches and watching the mutilated peach goo ooze out is one of my favorite things to do too, Michael. Praise!