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Arizona Pastor Jailed for Feeding Homeless

PHOENIX, ARIZ. — In a fiery press conference, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio angrily defended the arrest of Pastor Lonnie Childs at his mobile soup kitchen outside a Phoenix homeless shelter. On Saturday evening, the Christian pastor was charged by Sheriff’s deputies with violating a recently enacted law prohibiting food-sharing operations within Phoenix city limits and resisting arrest without violence.

Pastor Lonnie Childs being placed under arrest by Maricopa County Sheriffs for feeding the homeless

Pastor Lonnie Childs being placed under arrest by Maricopa County Sheriffs for feeding the homeless

The B.L.U.F.F. (Brother Lonnie’s University of FaithFacts™) van, known as the “Soup ‘n Soul Kitchen,” was also impounded by Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies.


The B.L.U.F.F. “Soup ‘n Soul Kitchen” van was impounded by Sheriff’s officers

“We drive from Safford to Phoenix once a month to feed the many who are down and out and need to hear our message of faith and self-help. We want to share our food and share our faith, as the Lord commands us,” Childs said by telephone from Durango Jail on West Gibson Lane in Phoenix. Childs, who asked his followers not to post bail for him, remains in Durango Jail until his trial, which is to be held next month.

The Lord commands us to feed even the dirty bums, says Pastor Childs

The Lord commands us to feed even the dirty bums, says Pastor Childs

In spite of his incarceration, Childs is eager to take his ministry back to the streets of Phoenix. “Most of these bums are in their current situation because of one form of addiction or another, be it bath salts or masturbation. We aim to change that, for the better and to turn them into happy, productive and non-addicted individuals. They may not understand knock-knock jokes, but they do need to understand that self-help means stopping self-abuse,” says Childs. “The sooner these charges are dropped, the sooner I can get back to saving the hobo population from hunger, addiction and sin.”

Lonnie Childs' attorney, Saul M. Rubenstein, Esq.

Lonnie Childs’ attorney, Saul M. Rubenstein, Esq.

B.L.U.F.F. attorney Saul Rubenstein expressed optimism that the charges will be dropped. “We have a good case. Lonnie initially tried to comply with the order to leave the premises, but we have pictures of Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office patrol cars blocking his van. The Sheriffs told Pastor Childs to leave, but they wouldn’t let him leave. Cop logic is not real world logic. Unfortunately the situation escalated and Pastor Childs was taken into custody and insists on staying there until trial.”

“Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a ruthless attention hound. His department has a history of intimidating the homeless community and their benefactors. The ACLU, of which I am a life member, has even declared Maricopa County a no-go zone because of Arpaio’s impossible antics, but his trumped-up charges against my client won’t hold up in court,” said Rubenstein.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio press conference

Sheriff Arpaio declares open season on hobos and helpers alike during weekly press conference

When asked about arresting Good Samaritans at the news briefing, Sheriff Arpaio told reporters “I don’t give a damn what these peoples’ intentions are. This is the Sheriff you’re talking about, with a gun and badge that enforces the law. Hobos or nobos, nothing is going to stop me from cracking down on Mister Childs’ operation as long as the laws are there.”

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Where’s your God now?

Saved by the Truth
Saved by the Truth

Counting your numerous sins…

Nigel Covington

I love to see BLUFF’s “Soup ‘n Soul Kitchen” van out feeding the hungry, comforting the poor with the word of Lonnie, and raising the spirits of the hopeless. Hang in there guys doing God’s work is never easy. And if you need any help recovering your van from the sheriff’s impound lot give me a call I’ve got plenty of handguns, lots of ammo, a couple of LAW’s rockets, grenades, a dozen M-16’s, some AR-15’s and whatever you need. All blessed by Lonnie in 2008. Bless you all at BLUFF and carry on doing the Lord’s work


Amen, kill all them sinners.


Lonnie once went into a woman’s prison and within 5 hours had touched them all.