Lonnie Childs

Sneak Peek: The Prophecy: A Revelation of Lonnie Childs

(StopMasturbationNow)— Next week the most important piece of literature ever published will be released. “The Prophecy: A Revelation of Lonnie Childs” will be published here free to all subscribers of this netsite. We bring you a sneak preview of a little bit of it.

With the armies of darkness swarming around, Obama and his children hide underground. White Dragons pour out of the seas, Lonnie’s wisdom is there for all to see. Lonnie summons fire from the skies. You can tell he will win by the look in his eyes. There will be no compromise, for evil.. this will not be easy.

Fore more info on stopping masturbation and Lonnie Childs please check back here frequently.

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6 years ago

Praise, Brother Lonnie! Our Saviour, Prophet and Messiah.

6 years ago
Reply to  Truffle

Jesus Christ should be your only messiah! -__-

Cathy Redmond
6 years ago

I simply cannot wait to read “The Prophecy: A Revelation of Lonnie Childs”. I have already set aside at least a week of my time to properly take in the story and immerse myself in Brother Lonnie’s words. Praise Him.