Now you can do your part to spread the Stop Masturbation Now message

These 100% Normal American Made bumper stickers are fresh off the presses at the BLUFF Ministries Print Shop, we’ve indentured…..I mean adopted 2000 of the child refugees from the INS in Arizona and gave them a job in our print shop making these bumper stickers.  Each sticker cost only $1.99 each and 7% of the proceeds go to feed, clothe, and shelter the child refugees, the other 93% goes towards the building our our new Golden Shower of Truth Cathedral in Safford AZ.

To order please send cash and a SASE to:

Ohio BLUFF Campus

C/O SMN Sticker

3232 Indian Village Dr.

Upper Arlington, Oh 43221

Our Holy Mission is to raise awareness of the child refugees from Mexico, to stop masturbation now, and for masturbaters to think of the children the next time they self rape. For less than a nickel a day you can do your part too.

God Bless,

TheRev Leroy Jenkins


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6 years ago

Pulitzer Prize?

Cassidy Pen
6 years ago

Praise the new Golden Shower of Truth Cathedral in Safford AZ!

6 years ago

I want to get 100 and put them on peoples cars at the mall as a surprise Christmas present!

Kaleb Sakamoto
6 years ago

You spelled “Masturbation” wrong in your photoshopped bumper sticker btw.

6 years ago

Now I’ve heard of Masturbation, but whats Mastubation? Is it like some kind of sub-masturbation or something entirely new?

6 years ago

I thought the web address was a joke,but heck…now I’ve seen it all.