Morals / Self-Rape Prevention

TheRev’s Daddy tip of the day

Real Dad’s sneak into his daughters room while she is sleeping to sniff her fingers to see if she is spelunking in Satan’s SinCave. It is your job to keep her from safe from self rape and the awful side effects such as the horrible stigma, the pot weed addiction, the herpes,  the AIDS, and the palsy that comes from it. When doing your evening, midnight, and early morning finger sniff test, Remember this rule of thumb:

“If they smell dank and funky, she’s doing the devils spelunky. If they smell like flowers in the wild, she walks with Lonnie Childs!”

God Bless, TheRev Leroy Jenkins

TheRev Leory Jenkins is a Sr, Staff Writer for BLUFF Press, LLC.

785-274-0325 or

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Cassidy Pen
6 years ago


Paul Bodnick
6 years ago

The lord’s worl be done