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Introducing the STOP Masturbation NOW Anti-Masturbation Strait Jacket®

Introducing the STOP Masturbation NOW Anti-Masturbation Strait Jacket®

When was the last time you imagined your child masturbating? Not a pleasant thought, is it? From the creators of the wildly successful Anti-Masturbation Cross® comes latest in faith-based self-rape prevention technology, the Anti-Masturbation Strait-Jacket®!  Peace of mind is yours when you strap your little one into this miracle of modern […]

by May 4, 2020 150 comments Self-Rape Prevention
(image source: By pinguino k (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

Angelina Jolie Continues Anti-Masturbation Crusade; Has Ovaries Removed

Angelina Jolie is a rare breed of modern celebrity. Beginning with her double mastectomy in 2013, Jolie has been determined to make sure no filthy men and women will masturbate to her ever again. The mainstream press attempted to spin Jolie’s mastectomy surgery as a “preventative measure” to “lower her […]

by March 24, 2015 7 comments Celebrity
Proper Pumpkin Carving

Proper Pumpkin Carving

My dear friends in Christ. To avoid the near occasion of self rape sin, B.L.U.F.F. recommends individuals take up a hobby or seasonal pursuit. One such endeavour is pumpkin carving. The above chart illustrates just how easy it is to have a fun filled afternoon carving a pumpkin.

by October 1, 2014 11 comments Self-Rape Prevention
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