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POT KILLS: Chasing The Marijuana Dragon

POT KILLS: Chasing The Marijuana Dragon

The following is the story Grandpa Shalavin told me about the dangers of marijuana when I was a little kid. 2,000 years ago when Jesus first discovered America, 3 masturbators were walking through the forest. Suddenly a big shadow passes over their heads and a big dragon lands in front of them. […]

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Declare your Independence from The Sin of Masturbation

By: TheRev Leroy Jenkins Miami, FL. In 2004 most people had given up on Fanny Diddle, homeless, destitute, addicted to pot-weed injections, doing bong hits of ellis dee, listening to Nickelback, and self raping for Snow Mexican Tourist on South Beach. She was a lost cause and written off by […]

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