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From supreme gentlemen to masturarchy supremacist all in a matter of months! #Yesallmasturbatorsrape

[Opinion]: Anti-Masturbation Is the Only Logical Stance for Feminists to Take on the Issue of Self-Rape

It is not often that the shrill caterwauling of the socially destructive feminist movement could ever be considered to hold something in common with socially responsible Christian conservatism, yet on the subject of self-rape we really should be natural bedfellows [figuratively speaking, of course]. You see, the group that masturbation […]

Izzy Azalea

ESPN’s Mexican Calls Out Mulatto Iggy Azalea And Masturbator Boyfriend For Killing Dolphins And Hippity-Hopped Music

Recently, a Basketball-American type, (or in the less Politically correct vernacular, a Tribal being), from the L.A. Lakers, named Nick “Swaggy P” Young, admitted to wanting to murder a dolphin because the dolphin wanted to make sex at his girlfriend named Iggy Azalea. Here is his side of the story […]

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