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Masturbation:  This can happen to you!

Masturbation: This can happen to you!

Sickening, isn’t it?  Meet Chad Hollingsworth.  Before his life reached this miserable state of outright depravity, Chad was a busy yet successful tax attorney with a beautiful same-race wife, three God-fearing Normal children, and a Golden Retriever named Barkley.  Feeling a little tense while browsing online one day, Chad came […]

Masturbation Left Me Deformed!

Masturbation Left Me Deformed!

  Today, normals of the faithful flock, I’m going to introduce you to Bryce*. At first glance, Bryce seems Normal enough: He’s a Caucasian male, early thirties, has a good job at a PR firm, follows the teachings of Christ, and always brakes for animals. Looks can be deceiving, however. […]

This unlucky woman had direct contact with MRFPs.

Hands-on Method to Detect Self-Rape

Hey there Normals of the faithful flock!  Do you fear handshakes in public because masturbators with their spooge-covered hands are all around us?  Are you tired of constantly doing moisture checks on your SRAS to make sure she’s not spelunking in her sin cave?  Worried that there might be MRFPs […]

by September 23, 2014 6 comments Self-Rape Prevention, Spot a Masturbator
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