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Thou Shall Make NFL Sunday a Holy Day

Oh, righteous of women, serve your man the brewed
nectar of grain and hops for with he shall enjoy
the nfl action.

Make not appearances without a scrumptious snack or
beverage in silent servitude, for the action is intense
and worthy of thy male eyes.

Forthwith, during halftime, pleasure thou mate on
thy knees with vigor, for 14 minutes shall pass
in quickening.

Place a steak meal in a tv tray before thy mate upon
the final whistle, for it is honorable.

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7 years ago


7 years ago

Amen and Hail Mary!

Cathy Redmond
7 years ago

Amen, Brother Cassidy.

Dark Mercenary
7 years ago

Cathy! Come quick I need you! I just ejaculated all over my stomach on my routine daily tug. I need you to lick the cum of my stomach.