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17 Comments on Faithfact #448 – T-Rex’s Short Arms

  1. Praise God for punishing masturbators! I wish he would give all the liberals short arms!!!!

    • You should try taking on Lonnie Childs in an arm wrestling match, sinner. He’d love to take you down with his biceps that are fueled by the love of Christ. He’d likely win within mere seconds.

  2. There is absolutely zero real evidence these fake monsters called Dinosaurs existed. People often confuse the ancient Dragons of Gomorrah with these mythological beats.

  3. So, according to this article, the T-rex still walks among us. Holy shit, I need to start paying attention when I walk outside. I imagine T-rex droppings are not small

  4. That explains the dragon’s ill temper seen today. God removed the ability to self-rape but not the urges. A righteous punishment for a demon dragon. If only he’d do the same to the self-rapists visiting this holy netsite. Praise!

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