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Lonnie Childs encountering "The Sasquatch".

BREAKING: Lonnie Childs Solves Mystery Of Bigfoot

Another one of life’s great mysteries has been solved thanks to the tireless efforts of Lonnie Childs. Brother Lonnie was out walking the Earth as He does from time to time and found Himself in Western Oregon in the woods. The particular area Brother Lonnie was traveling through is renowned […]

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John Harvey Kellogg, respected anti-masturbationist, sane  and regulated Normal.

Pioneers In Anti-Masturbation, Episode One

Preventing masturbation is a cause that has been championed throughout history by many great normals. Among the outstanding members of this fraternity of morality and decency, one man stuck out like a sore-thumb, and eventually, rose to become the cream of the crop of medical anti-masturbation. I speak of none […]

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