Pioneers In Anti-Masturbation: Benjamin Franklin

Pioneers In Anti-Masturbation: Benjamin Franklin

HISTORY, (SMNN) Deep with the annuls of history, there have been great non-masturbators, today we speak of one of the greatest: Benjamin Franklin THE FORMATIVE YEARS In the early 18th century, Benjamin Franklin appeared in a blinding flash of light somewhere in Siam. He emerged from the crater a fully […]

by February 13, 2015 4 comments History, Lexicon, Morals
Pioneers in Anti-Masturbation, Episode Two: Neil Armstrong

Pioneers in Anti-Masturbation, Episode Two: Neil Armstrong

HISTORY (SMNNN) Welcome once more to our serial series of great Pioneers in Anti-Masturbation! Today, we showcase Lunar Spacestronaut Neil Armstrong, first man to leave the flat disc of the Earth, and set human foot upon the Moon. In the 1940s or some time about there, Young Neil grew up […]

by September 26, 2014 13 comments Celebrity, History, Lexicon, Lifestyle, Science
John Harvey Kellogg, respected anti-masturbationist, sane  and regulated Normal.

Pioneers In Anti-Masturbation, Episode One

Preventing masturbation is a cause that has been championed throughout history by many great normals. Among the outstanding members of this fraternity of morality and decency, one man stuck out like a sore-thumb, and eventually, rose to become the cream of the crop of medical anti-masturbation. I speak of none […]

Merriam-Webster's newest word: FAPSTINENCE.  Praise!

Merriam-Webster Adds Anti-Masturbation Word to Their Dictionary : FAPSTINENCE

After months of lobbying, we here at STOP Masturbation NOW are proud to announce a major victory over the powerful forces of Big Masturbation and enemies of God-given morals everywhere!  Praise!  The good folks at Merriam-Webster have added the word “Fapstinence” to their dictionary, acknowledging all of the hard work […]

by August 28, 2014 8 comments Lexicon
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