Queen-Live at the Rainbow ‘74

We may have figured we’d heard the last of them, but the sinister homosexual noise band, Queen, has released another splattering of dread onto the faces of the public. The deeply offensive tracks in their current live album were actually taken from a concert that occurred years ago. The music (I use the term very loosely) contained on “Live at the Rainbow ‘74” was, ironically, recorded in 1974, hence the “’74” in the tile. The hell hall used was the homosexually christened Rainbow Theater, named after the gay rainbow colors that speedo wearing fruit loopers wear and sport on their pride banners and flags.

Children admiring heavy metal music will delight in the screaming satan influenced guitar bursts and rattled drum fills of this particular disc even though it was created years before they were yet a moist stain. It’s actually a series of movie files on blued Ray formated compacted discs. It seems to me that “audio-only” versions of these tracks have also been made available.

Freddy Mercury flaunted his homosexuality all through his life before dying of bad aids

Freddy Mercury flaunted his homosexuality all through his life before dying of bad aids

What is particularly disturbing is the lead vocalist and keyboard plunker that fronted this band back in their heyday, Freddy Mercury. A self-admitted homogay who flaunted his junk around the boyish crowds for years, wound up developing the bad aids and dying. His soul is now in torment, burning in the fiery furnace of hell as I speak at you. He looks like a young vampire on the compacted disc movie file.

“Now I’m Here” is an introductory track which mimics the greeting of hell’s devils to a condemned soul as it first tumbles down into the pit of eternal dispair. “Flick of the Wrist” condones using one’s wrist to masturbate and send spurts of baby potion into the air where it will never find purchase. “Stone Cold Crazy” is a drug anthem that darkened black metal bands of today often play to loosen up their crowds and make them susceptible to drugs and bizarre wanton sexual escapades and thereafter open their hearts and minds to the influences of the devil.

You get the picture, do you not?

This is a compacted disc that must be avoided. Do not allow this music into your home or on your child’s bing music players. If you do, you’re giving Satan a rubber-stamped invitation to titillate and entice your young sons and daughters into a seriously unflatterning homosexual lifestyle that nothing good can come out of, and destroy their souls in the process.

I know that’s not what you want. Take my advice before it’s too late. Stay away from all Queen compacted disc albums.

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Lonnie Childs
6 years ago

I will NEVER buy a Queen compact disc, or ANY compact disc for that matter, ever again!

6 years ago

The only music I listen to, are the dulcet non-self-rape tones of Brother Nikita and Doc.Felcher.

6 years ago

When people listen to this stuff its like letting the terrorists win.