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A Jam Band Masturbation-orgy recruitment flyer.

“Jam Band”: A Rising Problem

      WATERTOWN CT (SMNNN) “ …every song the Grateful Dead wrote was about masturbation, Satan or fornication! Some lyrics: ” Born in the jungle, raised in the lions,den. Numba one occupation, stealin’ wimmens from dey mans.”- One of their songs TRANSLATION: I am a sub-human beastophile. My job […]

Most men and gay females find the thigh gap irresistible

Thigh Gap and Masturbation

(StopMasturbationNOW)–It is well known that men prefer women with a thigh gap. The thigh gap is a symbol of innocence and purity as the willingness and readiness to procreate are visibly seen. Unfortunately  masturbation causes a buildup of fat and muscle around the thigh area from an overage of orgasms. […]

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About Masturbation

About Masturbation

Masturbation is a gateway drug to rape. It also leads to sexual dysfunction, erodes family values, and is a top ten cause of disease. – Lonnie Childs

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