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Born after 1980? You’ll have no idea what this device is.

Born after 1980? You’ll have no idea what this device is.

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. – If you were born after 1980 you’ve probably never seen this device before, and you likely don’t even know what it was used for.  But if you were born in the age of self-control, you’re parents may have made you wear this, and if so, […]

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You Can Fool Yourself But You Cannot Fool God: Masturbation is Self-Rape

Many of the masturhaters who troll this holy netsite have convinced themselves that masturbation is “hip” and “cool”.  Tell me, is burning in Hell for eternity “hip” and “cool”?  The faithfact is that masturbation is a form of self-rape.  Not so “cool” now, is it?  STOP Masturbation NOW and become […]

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The Hell-Pools are clear evidence his place means business!

Masturbation Causes Increase in Yellowstone Caldera Volcanic Activity

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK/ PORTAL TO HELL (SMNNN) The Yellowstone super volcano is due for the largest eruption ever seen in the 8,000 year history of the Earth, and masturbation is definitely the causes, say leading Faithvolcanologists. Masturbation, long conclusively proven to be causing Global Warmings, is now known to be […]

by July 30, 2014 20 comments Death, Science, Weather
Lonnie’s Followers Use Weird Trick to Achieve FaithGasm

Lonnie’s Followers Use Weird Trick to Achieve FaithGasm

  SAFFORD, ARIZ. — Here at Stop Masturbation Now, we eschew the practice of ejaculatory orgasm as a wasteful and sinful release. Our mission is to educate you of its negative physical and spiritual consequences. Ever since Onan spilled his seed upon the ground, men have been shooting putty with […]

1st Annual Celebration of Normals: Columbus, Ohio 9/20/14

1st Annual Celebration of Normals: Columbus, Ohio 9/20/14

STOP Masturbation NOW Premier Event Please join Stop Masturbation Now and Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin for the 1st Annual Celebration of Normals at Goodale Park in tropical Columbus, Ohio on Saturday September 20, 2014 10:00am-10:00pm Everyone is Welcome* Have your Children sign the Stop MAsturbation Now Pledge and get their […]

Masturbation Rates by Species

Masturbation Rates by Species

The FaithFacts™ don’t lie.    God Bless, TheRev TheRev Leory Jenkins is a Sr. Staff Writer for BLUFF Press, LLC. 785-274-0325 or

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Masturbation Mythbusters: Medical Masturbation – The Dismal ScLIEnce

Myth: It is OK to let doctors masturbate me because scLIEnce says that I must allow them to smear my paps! Status: B U S T E D! Nice try ladies! This line of reasoning completely falls apart when one considers the findings of The Foundation for a Better Tomorrow, […]

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