Masturbation… #NotEvenOnce

June 30, 2014 31

Many famous celebrities have been caught with their hands where they shouldn’t be. The “Not Even Once” Faith Fact has been documented with a series of “Before” and “After” web photos that show the steady decline that […]

Faces of Masturbation

June 30, 2014 22

(STOP MASTURBATION NOW NEWS) — Perhaps you’ve heard of it. A woman in your family or close circle of friends is pregnant and ecstatic to share the news. You watch in awe as her belly […]


June 24, 2014 14

Big Masturbation has reportedly invented a device the runs on self-rape. The hussy pictured above is an agent of Big Masturbation. Her face is blacked out to protect the precious youth of B.L.U.F.F. She was […]

…My Glimmer of Hope

June 23, 2014 1

By Cassidy Pen My dear friends in Lonnie and Christ, many of you remember my SRAS, Angela Pen. My days have been filled with the empty pain of loneliness since my beloved sras went missing. […]

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