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Shia Labeouf Self-Raped at Art Exhibit

Shia Labeouf Self-Raped at Art Exhibit

Los Angelos, CA- (SMNN) Actor Shia Labeouf, known for movies such as Even Stevens and Transformings 4: Rise of The Batman, told pretty much anyone who would listen, that he was a victim of self-rape at an art exhibition. During the exhibition, Labeouf wore a paper bag on his head […]

Masturbation Prevention

Masturbation Prevention

“Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?” 1 Corinthians 6:19 NAS Today’s culture loves to promote the lie that we own our body and God is cool […]

by November 28, 2014 22 comments Self-Rape Prevention
Local War Hero Battles City Hall

Local War Hero Battles City Hall

Please congratulate B.L.U.F.F.’s own, Cassidy Pen, for his successful efforts to sandpaper small hand tool handles in Stafford. The newspaper writeup follows:

by November 25, 2014 16 comments Politics
Mom Calls 911 On Masturbating Teenage Son; Boy Arrested, Charged With New ‘Self-Rape’ State Law

Mom Calls 911 On Masturbating Teenage Son; Boy Arrested, Charged With New ‘Self-Rape’ State Law

Phoenix, AZ — A Phoenix boy is behind bars tonight after his mother called 9-1-1 when she found her son in his room, watching pornography and masturbating. Phoenix Police were quick to respond, arresting 15-year-old Paul Horner, who attends North Valley High School in Phoenix, Arizona. Now the teenager is […]

by November 25, 2014 25 comments Fappy
Ferguson united in a fireworks celebration.

Masturbators Destroy Ferguson

In the aftermath of the Grand Jury decision to let Officer Darren Wilson avoid charges in the death of Michael Brown, I believe that TRUE JUSTICE was delivered. White Police should never go to trial over killing a violent tribal kid. Just look at Trayvon Martin. That violent negro tried […]

by November 25, 2014 24 comments Celebrity, Uncategorized
When the going gets tough, the Blecks go shopping.

Pastor Lonnie Childs Calls For Peace in Ferguson, Mo.

SAFFORD, ARIZ. — Pending the announcement of the grand jury verdict in Ferguson, Mo. clearing Officer Darren Wilson of wrongdoing in the shooting of robbery suspect Michael Brown, angry protesters vowed to take their rage to the streets regardless of the decision. With racial tensions flaring anew, Childs urged the […]

by November 24, 2014 12 comments Family Values
Jeremy Clarkson is a Black Anus due to his racism.

Bruce Danus Saves Top Gear from the KOK River

A British show about bad motor vehicles, called “Top Gear”, recently traveled to my favorite Third World Country, Thailand/Burma. They ran into many issues, because Jeremy Clarkson is a racist. We all need to pray at Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. While I hate these 3 humans, mainly […]

by November 23, 2014 7 comments Celebrity
You Are Cordially Invited…

You Are Cordially Invited…

You are cordially invited, that’s right, the entire Internet is invited, to celebrate the Holy Matrimony of my Brother Myron Danus to his Lonnie-approved, Same Race Assigned Spouse, Paula Austin, on Friday December 12th at 6pm. The wedding ceremony itself will be a private function for family and friends at […]

by November 22, 2014 23 comments Family Values
Imagine a world without self-rape.

Thursday Sermon

I’m sad to report that lately this holy netsite has been besieged by vicious masturbators who’ve resorted to personal attacks, foul language, threats of physical violence, pro-masturbation memes and displays of anti-social behavior in general.  I pray at these people daily… “Lord, please provide us the strength to repel these […]

by November 20, 2014 13 comments Family Values
Do You Really Want Your Children to Have a Parent That Masturbates?

Do You Really Want Your Children to Have a Parent That Masturbates?

by November 19, 2014 10 comments Family Values
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