SMN Exclusive Interview

May 30, 2014 3

Fred Rogers on his son Elliot   Masturbation, Apple, & Feminism drove him over the edge By TheRev Leroy Jenkins In an exclusive interview with SMN and BLUFF Press, LLC. The father of Elliot Rogers, […]

Super Mario 3d World Linked to Juvenile Delinquency

May 25, 2014 2

Christian families are seemingly double-pressed in modern times when attempting to raise their children with proper respect and adherence to the morals which would enhance their lives and lead them to a productive adulthood. Tomorrow’s […]

TheRev’s Daddy tip of the day

May 22, 2014 2

Real Dad’s sneak into his daughters room while she is sleeping to sniff her fingers to see if she is spelunking in Satan’s SinCave. It is your job to keep her from safe from self […]

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